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Back to school

I’ve been teaching at the University of Strasbourg since spring 2011, first at the Institute of Technology where I studied, later at the Faculty of Computer science. Today was my first day for the fall 2017 semester. This year I’ll be teaching Algorithms and data structures (C++) to third year math students, Development techniques (a bit meta, about VCS, compilation, debuggers…) to second year CS students and Introduction to Web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to first year CS students.

People often get confused when I tell them that I teach at the University, but then I tell them it’s not my job. I already have a full time job, teaching is something I do on the side.

Why do you do it then if it’s not your job? Oh, there must be good money in it!

Well, sure, I’m paid to do it. Compared to the amount of work and time it takes it’s really not that much though. In fact, if you’re only thinking of doing it because of the money, I’d recommend you find something else. Why do I do it then? Because I care. Because I think it’s important that people I’ll be working with tomorrow get quality education, and because I think I’m good at it (and from the feedback I had so far it seems I’m right).

Whenever I think about teaching, I always go back to the great Taylor Mali who tells us What teachers make.

If you’re not familiar with his work, I recommend you fix that as soon as possible. Many of his poems are available on Youtube.

Now here’s to a great year for all of you going back to school!