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Casey Neistat

This video embodies everything that makes me love Casey Neistat. I thought I’d share it as it makes a good introduction to him and his work.

In case you don’t know him yet, here are the traits you’ll discover.

(Almost) everything you need to know about Casey Neistat

First of all, he’s a hard worker. He has a few videos dedicated to this topic. One of them details his daily schedule, with 11 14 hours of work, 3 hours of family time, 3 hours of sports… yes, that means he sleeps about 7 4 hours (not something I’d recommend though).

His clumsyness shows here too. You may think he does that on purpose, but if you watch his vlogs for a while you’ll see that it’s genuine and not premeditated. Of course he could edit those parts out to present a better image of himself, he doesn’t do it because he’s honest.

Making fun of himself also shows his sense of humor. Humor is sprayed all over his work (look at what the little plate he builds to cover the button spells). Even when he touches on a sensitive topic or goes on a heartfelt rant, he manages to add tasteful and subtle comedic hints.

Speaking of rants, they are quite common in his videos. He always has something to complain about… and everytime he offers fixes. That is a special case of building stuff, which he does a lot as seen here with the hack on his camera. He’s a very constructive person.

He lives in New-York and likes to show his beautiful city, so if you want to discover it there’s something for you too.

His (primary) job is as a film director. From his experience in this line of work, he developed a skill for quality storytelling, which he achieves through his efficient editing. This video was shot over the course of a day. It was not scripted. Yet he manages to make something out of it, and he’s been doing it daily since March 25th 2015 (his 34th birthday).

Finally he accepts failure (as you’ll see in the end credits if you have annotations enabled). Again, constructive person. We all happen to mess up sometimes, we just need to learn from it.